Dreaming With Eyes Wide Open

This is my first EVER blogpost! A Few Things...

                                      1) I am just starting to learn photography
                                      2) I LOVE to journal

these have just been accumulated over the past few years, I have suitcases full of journals and countless computer files stored up from when my hand wouldn’t go as fast as my fingers could type :]

 I feel like blogging will be a creative way to keep an online journal of my journey towards becoming a great photographer!

Why I chose to start photography:

If you have known me for any amount of time this question is a no brainer.. My friends usually know they don’t even have to bring their cameras when we all go out because they know I will take MORE than enough.

It is also another way of journaling for me. Documenting life and making each day and moment count is very important to me. I consider it a blessing from God and just want to do my best to carry out the passion he has given me to document the beautiful things he places in front of me, whether that is through tearing away the pages in my journal or through taking photographs.

I love to meet new people and to travel. Talking to new people and getting to know their likes and their stories has always been very intriguing to me. I love to learn about people and see them in their environment. Yep I’m one of THOSE that likes to “people watch” :] My precious camera could be my ticket to traveling and learning and discovering and going on adventures all over the world!!

I do hope you will enjoy :]